US Army Finally Has Its Future Utility Helicopter Can Goes 300mph

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US Army Finally Has Its Future Utility Helicopter Can Goes 300mph

The Army is already flying a new generation of helicopters about twice as fast as a 150mph Black Hawk and twice as far, breaking new tactical and strategic ground in preparation for warfare in the 2030s with unprecedented agility, maneuverability, weapons and targeting technology.

The now accelerated Future Long Range Assault Aircraft program seeks to expand beyond previous technological boundaries and surge into a new era of aerial warfare capability to include unprecedented speed, fuel efficient engines, smoke and fog penetrating sensors, long-range high-fidelity infrared targeting systems, autonomous flight capability, AI-enabled computing and a new generation of weapons.

Upon initial examination, several immediate and widely discussed attributes are “range and speed.” The new FLRAA aircraft, according to both Sikorsky-Boeing and Bell developers, can go twice as fast and twice as far as an existing Black Hawk. This means many things, such as speeds as fast as 300knots and a combat radius close to 500km or more, performance parameters expected to change helicopter air war for decades into the the future. Watch the video for more:

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