Is Israel’s Merkava Tank The Best on the Planet?

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Is Israel’s Merkava Tank The Best on the Planet?

The Merkava was first conceived by Israeli General Israel Tal following the titanic armored clashes of the Yom Kippur War. Tal wanted a tank that prioritized crew protection above all else. The Merkava I entered service in 1978, and saw its first major action in Operation Peace for Galilee in 1982, where it performed well in engagements with Syrian T-62 tanks. Nonetheless, several were lost in battle, and the subsequent Merkava II tank featured upgraded spaced armor. The 1990s saw the Merkava III with a critical upgrade to a 120-millimeter main gun, and finally, the latest Merkava IV has a more powerful engine and has recently been fitted with a sophisticated active-protection system for use against anti-tank missiles and rockets. Watch the video for more:

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