These Are The Top Secret Spy Planes Developed at Area 51

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These Are The Mysterious Spy Planes Developed at Area 51

In 1955, the Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. Air Force and defense contractor Lockheed Martin chose an ultra-remote site in the Mojave Desert of southern Nevada, about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, to begin testing and developing the newest, most advanced aircraft in the world at the time.

For decades, the Nevada Test and Training Range, better known as Area 51, didn’t appear on any public map, and the U.S. government didn’t even admit it existed. Thanks to the ironclad security surrounding the site, and the experimental nature of the “black aircraft” tested there, rumors of unidentified flying objects, captive aliens and other mysterious activities have swirled around Area 51 ever since the ‘50s.

But even if no alien-made UFOs ever took to the skies over the salt flat known as Groom Lake, we now know—thanks in large part to declassified CIA documents—that a number of highly sophisticated, highly unusual aircraft were developed and tested there. From the U-2 spy planes of the Cold War era to a purely experimental Star Trek-inspired craft from the 1990s, here are five of Area 51’s most intriguing aircraft. Watch the video for more:

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